Author: Ethel Foster

Ordering cheap research paper or writing yourself: the individual choice of every student

To choose the right topic is important

Before going to the library and selecting the necessary literature, it is important to think about the research topic. But where do I start? First of all, you need to ask yourself a few important questions that relate to your research. After all, choosing the topic is the most important and the main step! It is important that there is enough material and literature for your problem. If you are researching a new phenomenon, keep in mind that there will be very few sources of information. If the problem is little investigated, is it appropriate to have your own opinion in this work? Research work at a school or university should be devoted to an interesting topic for you. If you study one that is not indifferent to you, then the result will be positive. Today, research on literature is very popular. Children consider the features of poetics in the poems of various writers, study oral folk art in their native lands, and so on.

The teacher’s opinion about ordering cheap research paper

Be sure to discuss the chosen topic with the teacher. Listen to his advice, perhaps the ideas of the teacher will be original. Qualitative work is in the sphere of the teacher’s interests. Remember that teachers will always help you. Do not be afraid to correct the research topic. It happens that the work does not move from the dead center. Do not despair! It is enough to revise the subject together with the teacher and continue research work on literature, history, social studies and so on. Correct it is possible not only a theme, but also goals with tasks. Note that it is impossible to deviate strongly from the original theses. This can fundamentally affect the course of work in the future.

An information collection process

To understand how to write a research paper, you need to know the algorithm. The next step after selecting the topic is collecting information. After the topic is selected, you need to select encyclopedias, books, magazines, interviews in newspapers, blog posts that match your problem. Attention! The more sources you read, the better, even if you write research work in mathematics, where the calculations are based. In the process, refer to empirical studies that are approved by other experts on your issue. Do not neglect the library. The method, of course, is “grandfather’s.” But it is in this place that you will find a lot of information! Ask questions to the employees of the reading room. Refer to them for help. After all, this is what their job is. Contact the network for assistance. Do not use the first three links for your query. The information you will find on the Internet should be analyzed, since sites and various forums are not the most reliable sources.

Analysis of information received

And we continue to understand how to write a research paper. We pass to the next, already analytical stage. At this stage of the research, you need to systematize and structure the information found. First, you need to read everything. Secondly, on the margins make the necessary notes, put in the bookmarks, since further it will be useful to you! It is very convenient when the information is systematized by colors. Suppose, if you write a research paper on mathematics, then in orange you can mark information about the discovery, in red – the text about scientists and so on. Once you have decided on the sources, you need to compile a preliminary list of literature. It is necessary to write out the authors, the year of publication of the book or magazine, where it was published, the number of pages. And, of course, be sure to write down the page number, which contains the necessary information.

Structure of cheap research paper

The researcher must understand that his work should be strictly structured.

1. Title page.

2. Content.

3. Introduction. It reveals the problem, topic, relevance, purpose of the research, hypothesis, novelty, research problems, literary review and methodology.

4. Theoretical chapter.

5. Practical chapter. There may be several, depending on the purpose and objectives of the study.

6. Results of the study.

7. Conclusion. Contains conclusions, as well as practical significance of the study.

8. List of sources used.

9. Appendix.

Errors in the regular essay

Many students have difficulties when it comes to writing essays. After all, this is a genre that is based on the author’s personal reflections, and when a teacher gives the job to write such a work on a crazy topic, it is difficult to pull out coherent phrases. On our stock exchange, authors write to order on an essay on any topic at an affordable price. We do not use the services of intermediaries, so our prices are much lower than in the agencies. If you still want to independently write a work of this kind, we will introduce you to the most common mistakes of students. Conventionally, they can be divided into three groups: organizational errors, content and design errors.

Organizational errors

These are the mistakes that the student makes before he gets to work. More precisely, it is these errors that prevent him from starting. We are distracted by the many factors that we hide behind in order to justify our inaction. Try to organize yourself. If it does not work out, ask someone from relatives or friends to help you. Let them check that nothing hinders you (TV, desire to drink tea, unwashed dishes, etc.) Then you will have nothing to justify yourself, and you will start to work.

Substantial errors

This kind consists in purely technical plan of your work. Absence of the logic of presentation, inadequacy of justification of facts, a small number of arguments, busting with unnecessary information, etc. etc. all this, of course, will affect your assessment. Watch for literacy. Maybe, for one mistake the teacher will not reduce the score, but if they are repeated often – you definitely cannot avoid sanctions.

Design errors

And finally, the third kind of mistakes is the design. Everything, that is connected by flaws in registration of your work, concerns here. Remember that there are criteria for evaluating the essay, which includes the rules of registration. For example, how to properly draw a title page, how to finish an essay, how to properly form a quote – all this is very important. But there is one nuance. Do not worry about the design before your essay is ready. Only after the next inspection of the finished work, qualitatively decorate it.

Despite the fact that the essay differs in its structure from other student works, the appointment is the same as for everyone. This affects all work on the essay. This means that you cannot simply put on the sheet of paper a stream of your own thoughts and call this essay. This work also has a structure that must be followed, and certain rules that must be observed. In general, work on an essay is one of the most difficult. Therefore, many students order them from us. This saves time and effort, and takes little money (the thing is that we do not have any extra middlemen who need to pay for work, authors and customers communicate in person).

The essay for admission to the MBA in the style of Hemingway

Business schools put forward various requirements for essays, which include in the application package. One of the most important criteria is laconism. Once Ernest Hemingway argued with other writers that he could write a story in six words. He turned out: “Children’s shoes are not on sale, they are not worn out.” According to legend, Hemingway wrote this story for a few minutes on a napkin in a bar and won ten dollars from each writer who took part in the dispute. It was this task that the Berkeley Haas Business School published for MBA applicants. As Forbes reports, the task for the essay is: “Tell us a six-word story that displays a memorable event in your life.” After that, you need to write in 250 words, why this story has such significance for you. This task, replacing last year’s “which song best describes your character”, is designed to turn your experience into a memorable chapter of the autobiography. With what to begin? At the New York City Center Court MBA, the deputy dean of the full-time MBA program and Berkeley Haas Admissions Committee, Pete Johnson, offered this advice: “Be bold. Many candidates write: “I am an engineer, but I always wanted to work in the field of electronic music”. However, relatives say to them: “Do not you write this in an essay, the university will think that you’re crazy!” And then their essays become boring. But if you sincerely tell us about your hobbies, the admissions committee will like it very much. ”
“The worst part is when people are afraid and give the” right “answers,” Johnson continued. – Be brave, tell us who you really are and why you want to enter a business school. Then everything will be fine for you. ” Morgan Bernstein, executive director of the admissions office for the full-time MBA program at Berkeley Haas, told how to write an essay. Admission commissions appreciate the brevity and informative nature of the high college essay in six words – a good example of the fact that “shorter” does not always mean “easier”. For a good story you need a beginning, content and conclusions – and this is difficult to achieve in just six words. As Mark Twain said, “If I had more time, I would write a shorter letter.” Sharon Joyce of Fortuna Admissions, who previously worked as deputy director of the admissions committee at Berkeley Haas, believes that “an essay of six words allows the admissions committee to understand what kind of person you are, better than your professional resume and college grades. Write not about what the admissions committee might theoretically like, but about what you really think about your true goals. In this essay you need to tell about your experience of achieving your goals, about your confidence after many failures. ” Sharon advises first to reflect on your experience and why he brought you joy or was difficult. “There are no right stories, only yours,” she says. “This is not a grammar exercise.” Think about what you want to tell about yourself in this essay, and then write an introduction to six words. ” For inspiration, you can read works from the contest of memoirs on the NPR website, among which you can find, for example, the following: “I met my wife at her hen-party.”

How to write an annotation to the article or essay?

In the Internet, you can find many tips on how to be a high college essay writer and find the best approach to writing annotations, or even order it in essay writer services. Since there is enough information about the rules for writing annotations and reviews, let’s talk about what we do not need to do. In other words, consider the most common mistakes that authors of publications of this genre allow.

Reviews and annotations can refer to content, but should not disclose the story completely. It is highly desirable that the style of the presentation of the review or annotation is consistent with the style and content of the article itself. Be neutral and objective, do not try to gloss over or criticize the material, because the review and abstract is, in its essence, only a note to it

Next, let’s take a closer look at each of the items. When drafting annotations and reviews, one should not be excessively addicted to retelling the content of the article, and also to disclose all the key points. The most useful for the reader will be that annotation, which contains background information in sufficient volume.

So, your task is to write an annotation to the article in order to interest the reader, give him an opportunity to get an idea of the material, and provide the author with detailed disclosure of the topic and development of the story.

Find a common language with the target audience

It’s no secret that in most cases, the authors of articles are guided by a certain range of readers and sufficiently imagine their target audience. Try and you imagine it.

For example, a scientific article addressed to intellectuals has many differences compared to a note devoted to the actual trends of nail painting in the coming season. If the first case will be used primarily business style, the second is much more appropriate style of communication club regulars.
Not surprisingly, the abstract, sustained in the style of the main material, will meet with more reader responses.

What’s in the annotation?

The abstract implies some compactness, so there is no sense in spending precious text space on advertising, which, moreover, will mislead the readers: many of them will decide that they are offered another big call to buy or any other specific action. It is more correct to write an annotation to an article using brief information. For example, if the article deals with an art exhibition, the abstract is harmoniously supplemented with a short biography of the artist, a list of his most famous works and a micro story about their significance in art.

Nuances of good essay writing

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of English in the modern world. It is taught in all schools and institutions of higher learning. Knowledge of English broadens the horizon and opens many doors. Every educated person must own it. However, this is not at all simple-and a lot of effort will be required to achieve the result. People around the world learn the language for various reasons – for travel, work and business, communication with foreign residents, reading books and various publications in the original language. Everyone in the learning process can face the need to write an essay on English. This article from our service will help you understand the main aspects of this work.

 Structure of the essay in English

An essay can be written in prose, usually of small size, and contains your own thoughts, arguments, and considerations of the essay writer. Subject can be chosen any, and the text is presented in free form. Although this is creative and individual work, but the structure of all kinds of essays is different: brief abstracts (thoughts, judgments of the author);

Arguments that support the theses

 In addition, the essay contains an introduction (in fact, this is a statement of the problem, and the topic is also indicated) and the conclusion. Arguments in an essay on English are facts, brought from books, scientific literature, own experience or simply heard. Their main task is to confirm the theses. Here are some examples of phrases that can be used for argumentation: “I presume …” (I admit); “Thus …” (so that); “Let us start by considering …” (let me begin by considering); “Therefore …” (because …); “They suppose” (they admit that …); “I am convinced that …” (I’m convinced that … “;” We can to begin with … “(we can start with),” Believed that … “(it is believed that)” The most common argument against this is that … “(a more likely fact against this is);

There are a lot of such phrases and they help to correctly enter the necessary facts into the text. It can be very difficult to start a sentence, for this there are the most common phrases for writing an essay in English, here are a few of them for an example: It is said (it is believed …), as a result of … (as a result …), indeed, … (in fact, …), besides, … (in addition to …), in addition to…, as far as I can judge, … (as far as I can guess …), however, … (besides, …), to my mind, … (in my opinion, …) and others.

 They are a kind of a foothold and help to properly design your work. The nuances of doing essays in English are much larger, so it is more effective to have an example of writing a text before you and start from it. For this, a huge number of essay writing services have been created, on which you can find true professionals to write a high college essay.

Cohesive and coherence – two main goals in any essay

Today’s article is designed primarily for those who are going to become a first-class essay writer and want to get rid of the constant ordering articles from service essay writer. Moreover, students who are preparing for the TOEFL, Cambridge exams, also find interesting tips for themselves. To begin with, there are two quality indicators of the written text, which are the most appreciated, it is cohesion and coherence.

Cohesion – unity, understandable enough;

Coherence – consistency, logically, validity.

What is the difference between the unity of the text and its logic at first glance may not be entirely understandable, so we will analyze it in more detail.
Cohesion is the actual, external coherence of the text. By this we mean the use of such expressions as (however, but), and (and), because (because), etc., the use of synonyms or the replacement of certain nouns with pronouns, and so on.
Coherence – this is the internal logic of the text, the presentation of thoughts in such a way that they are as clear to the reader as possible. It is true that cohesion is considered a more subjective concept, whereas coherence is vice versa. Indeed, that seems to me interconnected, for another person may be not. Nevertheless, on the exam you need to be more careful with it. If your goal is to get the best possible result, try to do without an unintelligible logic that is understandable only to you. Outwardly, this text looks coherent: the words also and are used, synonyms and pronouns are used. Nevertheless, it absolutely does not make sense. This is a perfect illustration of the fact that cohesion without coherence is like a handsome man with an empty soul. But it’s great if an intelligent person still looks good, does not it? Similarly, in the case of cohesion and coherence. They are certainly interrelated, because using the synonyms, the corresponding unions, prepositions, etc., we make the text more understandable for the reader.
Therefore, later in this article, we will talk about one of the methods of external organization of text in a logical structure – the use of linking words, that is words that help us to unite ideas into a single whole. But remember that it’s only about the shell of the text. These words will make your text cohesive, but be sure to take care of it to be also coherent.
So, to make smooth transitions between different ideas in the text, while showing that they are all directly related to the theme of the composition, you will be helped by conjunctions, prepositions and adverbials.
Adverbial. First, it should be noted that adverbs and adverbials are not exactly the same concepts. Adverb is an adverb, part of speech, which in some way characterizes the action (verb) and answers the questions “how?”, “When?”, “Where?”, “Where?”, “Why?”. In English, they are formed in most cases by adding to the adjective ending -ly (beautifully, slowly). Adverbials – a broader term, because under it we mean different syntactic units (phrases, if you like) that perform the function of adverbs, that is, describe the action. For example, we woke up at 8 o’clock. In this case, at eight o’clock is adverbial, since it tells us when the action occurred.
In addition, there are different types of adverbials. Below are the conjuncts, that is, the adverbials, which connect the sentences in the text or parts of one sentence to each other.