Many students have difficulties when it comes to writing essays. After all, this is a genre that is based on the author’s personal reflections, and when a teacher gives the job to write such a work on a crazy topic, it is difficult to pull out coherent phrases. On our stock exchange, authors write to order on an essay on any topic at an affordable price. We do not use the services of intermediaries, so our prices are much lower than in the agencies. If you still want to independently write a work of this kind, we will introduce you to the most common mistakes of students. Conventionally, they can be divided into three groups: organizational errors, content and design errors.

Organizational errors

These are the mistakes that the student makes before he gets to work. More precisely, it is these errors that prevent him from starting. We are distracted by the many factors that we hide behind in order to justify our inaction. Try to organize yourself. If it does not work out, ask someone from relatives or friends to help you. Let them check that nothing hinders you (TV, desire to drink tea, unwashed dishes, etc.) Then you will have nothing to justify yourself, and you will start to work.

Substantial errors

This kind consists in purely technical plan of your work. Absence of the logic of presentation, inadequacy of justification of facts, a small number of arguments, busting with unnecessary information, etc. etc. all this, of course, will affect your assessment. Watch for literacy. Maybe, for one mistake the teacher will not reduce the score, but if they are repeated often – you definitely cannot avoid sanctions.

Design errors

And finally, the third kind of mistakes is the design. Everything, that is connected by flaws in registration of your work, concerns here. Remember that there are criteria for evaluating the essay, which includes the rules of registration. For example, how to properly draw a title page, how to finish an essay, how to properly form a quote – all this is very important. But there is one nuance. Do not worry about the design before your essay is ready. Only after the next inspection of the finished work, qualitatively decorate it.

Despite the fact that the essay differs in its structure from other student works, the appointment is the same as for everyone. This affects all work on the essay. This means that you cannot simply put on the sheet of paper a stream of your own thoughts and call this essay. This work also has a structure that must be followed, and certain rules that must be observed. In general, work on an essay is one of the most difficult. Therefore, many students order them from us. This saves time and effort, and takes little money (the thing is that we do not have any extra middlemen who need to pay for work, authors and customers communicate in person).