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The meaning of modern technology is in their availability to the average user. Every year brings innovation, but in what areas will be the greatest breakthrough?
In this article we will talk about the main innovations in the world of gambling games.What to expect and whether these innovations will be useful?

The first and the most important thing is the emergence of cryptocurrency fields.
In 2018, payment by digital coins was met by gamers much more often. Against the background of the greatest problem of risk of jumps, solid cryptocurrency can become an exit. Omitting ambitious promises, the blockchain is developing very dynamically, and gamblers should follow and master it.

The next is so called “pocket casino “. What does it mean?
Major providers are already delivering portable and desktop versions of slots in one package. The share of mobile users in the CIS continues to grow, exceeding 10%. The possibilities of portable devices in fact have not yet been disclosed. The format of live games remained closed, which will become a niche for frequent travelers.
According to experts, the popularity of mobile casinos is due to ease of use, data security and a variety of gaming offers.

The next – real time games.
In 2018, the players finally got tired of just looking at the table: a record number of casino requests for the live-format responded. Institutions have expanded the range of providers willing to provide such games, the quality and quantity of which will continue to grow. Thus, in 2018, the Canadian gambling regulator expanded online gambling services with real-time gaming. And this example is not the only one.

Of course, updates and innovations will be appearing even more, but is it important for the player?If we talk about the aspect of comfort, then yes.

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