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Reflective essay can be considered as more creative than academic one. In this work, the essay writer expose his or her life experience, emotions, as well as a certain edifying moment was made from this situation.

The writing format is similar to writing a personal diary, but the only thing that distinguishes an essay from conducting a diary is that it is written for a particular audience – in other words, this work will have listeners or readers.

The main purpose of this work is, first of all, rethinking by the author of his life experience. It is intended to indicate how the author’s views and opinions have changed.

The format and structure of such essay may vary depending on the audience for which it was created.

Such essays are rarely written for academic purposes; instead, such works are often found in youth journals, in trainings and other self-development lectures. And this is logical, cause the main aim of such speeches or writings is personal development. The author talks about a certain segment of his or her life and how it was passed . And also, what has changed, what has improved and what has been achieved. Many people find inspiration in such stories.

There is also a certain classification of reflective essays:

  1. Essay with an emphasis on personal development.

The need to work on your personal growth every day is a leading topic. Such strategy is often used in the writing of psychological books and various trainings.

  1. The emphasis on literature

It will be something like a comparison. The author takes a certain literary work as a model, but on the basis of his own experience and the plot of the chosen work, he or she reveals the theme of his essay.