Business schools put forward various requirements for essays, which include in the application package. One of the most important criteria is laconism. Once Ernest Hemingway argued with other writers that he could write a story in six words. He turned out: “Children’s shoes are not on sale, they are not worn out.” According to legend, Hemingway wrote this story for a few minutes on a napkin in a bar and won ten dollars from each writer who took part in the dispute. It was this task that the Berkeley Haas Business School published for MBA applicants. As Forbes reports, the task for the essay is: “Tell us a six-word story that displays a memorable event in your life.” After that, you need to write in 250 words, why this story has such significance for you. This task, replacing last year’s “which song best describes your character”, is designed to turn your experience into a memorable chapter of the autobiography. With what to begin? At the New York City Center Court MBA, the deputy dean of the full-time MBA program and Berkeley Haas Admissions Committee, Pete Johnson, offered this advice: “Be bold. Many candidates write: “I am an engineer, but I always wanted to work in the field of electronic music”. However, relatives say to them: “Do not you write this in an essay, the university will think that you’re crazy!” And then their essays become boring. But if you sincerely tell us about your hobbies, the admissions committee will like it very much. ”
“The worst part is when people are afraid and give the” right “answers,” Johnson continued. – Be brave, tell us who you really are and why you want to enter a business school. Then everything will be fine for you. ” Morgan Bernstein, executive director of the admissions office for the full-time MBA program at Berkeley Haas, told how to write an essay. Admission commissions appreciate the brevity and informative nature of the high college essay in six words – a good example of the fact that “shorter” does not always mean “easier”. For a good story you need a beginning, content and conclusions – and this is difficult to achieve in just six words. As Mark Twain said, “If I had more time, I would write a shorter letter.” Sharon Joyce of Fortuna Admissions, who previously worked as deputy director of the admissions committee at Berkeley Haas, believes that “an essay of six words allows the admissions committee to understand what kind of person you are, better than your professional resume and college grades. Write not about what the admissions committee might theoretically like, but about what you really think about your true goals. In this essay you need to tell about your experience of achieving your goals, about your confidence after many failures. ” Sharon advises first to reflect on your experience and why he brought you joy or was difficult. “There are no right stories, only yours,” she says. “This is not a grammar exercise.” Think about what you want to tell about yourself in this essay, and then write an introduction to six words. ” For inspiration, you can read works from the contest of memoirs on the NPR website, among which you can find, for example, the following: “I met my wife at her hen-party.”